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Every child has a right to survive

What We Do

Let us all provide hope. Make a simple donation to support our activities.

Healthy Food

We help Feed the Homeless children and other vulnerable children in different communities.

community outreach

We provide services to any population that might not have access to those services. 

Medical Help

We support vulnerable children and youth to break the cycle of diseases and poverty  .


Support a student’s education and daily care so they can focus on achieving the life they deserve

Save Hafiswa of Seven Months

Together we can

Doctors have recommended an open heart surgary to Save hafiwa’s Life. But Hafiswa’s mother cannot afford to pay the medical bills for her daughter.

Together we can save baby Hafiswa’s life by donating what we have.


300+ Children in
Uganda Need Care

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Helping Today. Helping Tommorow

PINA is a NGO established in 2008 to provide hope & support to youths especially those living with HIV through counseling and empowerment.

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Food Charity

Together, we can save vulnerable children from starvation by providing food and clean water

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Our volunteers take part in fundraising, feeding children, and organizing birthday paties

Birthday Gift for Children

Annual group birthday party for homeless children. Every 22nd of September, PINA Uganda organizes a group birthday party for homeless children.

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About Us

Our Motto:




Create Hope and Happiness among children and youths especially those living with HIV/AIDS and survivors of child sexual abuse. We create hope and happiness by giving them love, care, and an environment to enable them to achieve excellence. As we raise these children with elevated standards and expectations, they become advocates, peer educators, role models, and resourceful people in their schools and communities.

A bright future for vulnerable children and youths.

Strengthening the capacity of vulnerable people, their families and communities through sustainable psycho social support interventions to improve Health.

To support vulnerable children and youth to break the cycle of poverty and diseases.

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Core Priorities

Youth and women empowerment

At PINA Uganda, we believe that young women and youth can socially and economically be productive once fully equipped with the right information and skill. We support children/youth to have a positive outlook towards life by increasing their self -esteems, confidence and provision of sustainable lifesaving skills like provision of skills in urban farming. Urban farm gardens develop the capacity of youths in urban farming skills and provide alternative sources of income to support their households as well as boosting their nutritional status.

Through youth and women empowerment, we have mentored over 100 youth to in public speaking. Many have become advocates, activists, role models and resourceful people in their communities. Our mission is to support them to become leaders of today and tomorrow.

Psycho social support

Most of our beneficiaries are children/youth living with HIV (those born with HIV and those who acquired it by themselves) aged 15 years 28years), homeless children and survivors of child sexual abuse. They need counseling and a conducive environment to cope with their situations. We organize psycho social support group meetings and events to provide more information on life saving skills and strategies. Group activities include interactive health talks, get together parties, mentorship sessions, home visits, tailoring and knitting sessions, basic computer training skill to improve on their report writing skills and documentation skills and food donation campaigns. Most of these children/youth need to know that there are out there who care. People who are there to provide a shoulder for them to lean on since most of them have lost their parents.  Our goal is to support them to have a positive outlook towards life.

Community/Strategic partnership

At PINA Uganda, we believe that communities need to be looked at as partners rather than beneficiaries and assets, a solution rather than a problem, contributors and not receivers, if we have to support vulnerable children to dream dreams of a better tomorrow. They are the ones who consume the information regarding the new developments, appreciate and use it.

Communities can support in a number of ways by donating funds directly to any project of their choice, fundraise for us, support children and youths directly or support our initiatives by liking what we do on Face book, invite their friends to like what we do, follow us on twitter, connect with us on LinkedIn and watch our videos on YouTube.

Capacity Building.

PINA Uganda has a membership of over 45 youth volunteers and these have been trained to reach out other youths and individuals with child abuse/HIV prevention information in schools and communities. These have been able to reach out to over 10,000 individuals. They counsel, refer people for HIV prevention and treatment services, Identify cases of child sexual abuse and follow them in their communities; especially youths found HIV+ . They link PINA Uganda with communities, organize community education events, refer clients for specialized services and conduct radio and television talk shows.  

They also raise awareness about HIV/AIDS, child sexual abuse and menstrual health stigma among others through music, dance and drama, experience sharing and film acting through Roof and Equip Winnie campaign, HIV Prevention project in schools and communities and the Girls Mentoring Girls Project. The HIV Prevention project is aimed at providing HIV/AIDS prevention information to youths in and out of school to enable them feel responsible for protecting themselves against HIV/AIDS and to seek early treatment and adhere to drugs for those found positive. The Roof and Equip Winnie is aimed at establishing a safe shelter for survivors of child sexual abuse and sex trafficking. The Girls Mentoring Girls is aimed at supporting girls to stay in school.


Enduring childhood with HIV/AIDS in Uganda coupled with loss of parents is very difficult. After losing their parents, the plight of an HIV positive orphan in Uganda is one of hopelessness and often they live with weighty secrets, and feelings of isolation and anxiety about the future. They are often dealing with loss of parents, poverty, depression, discrimination, unemployment, under-education, and neuro-developmental delays.

PINA Uganda works with HIV+ children and youth to mobilize HIV+ youths, families and communities. We live to mobilize vulnerable youth both men and women- who are struggling to survive. We work closely with marginalized HIV+ youth and children who are in need of psychosocial and economic empowerment to cope with HIV/AIDS.  We create hope and happiness by giving them love; care and an environment to enable them achieve excellence. As we raise these children with elevated standards and expectations, they become the top segment of the same society from which they came. Our motto is “Create Hope and Happiness” among less privileged children and their families.


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The success of PINA UGANDA is contingent on your support. Your donations will help improve access to a bright future for vulnerable children and youths.

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